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What the 317 Needs & The Guys we Need to Do It.

Let’s become leaders in music here in the great city of Indianapolis! We’ve built great groundwork, great venues, and it’s time we have a successful, multi-year run at a music fest!

artful fund raiser

I was in Louisville recently for the mighty Forecastle Festival and it was a terrific three days of fun. I attend one of these festivals every year and, as always, spent money like a foreign tourist, stayed at the amazing (and soon to be in Indy) 21c Hotel, ate the local cuisine and sampled the local culture. And I wasn’t the only one. The festival was crawling with Indiana folk. Half the crowd high fived me the day I wore a Butler t-shirt.

My beloved Indianapolis, like so many American cities, is in full bloom. Chef centered restaurants with the good kale, fat tire bike sharing, a wonderful orchestra, bearded hipsters in vests offering $14 cocktails and all the other trappings of Big Time City Living.

What are we lacking? What do we need now? A music festival. A proper multi-day festival. The time is now. NOW. NOW…

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