What Do You Dedicate Yourself To?

Indy Cog is dedicated to promoting safe cycling in Indiana http://www.indycog.org.
I met a woman this week named Carol who works in the Toxics Cleanup Program in Washington State Department of Ecology who has biked an incredible 33,500 miles to work since April of 2001. No, that is not a misplaced comma – thirty three thousand, five-hundred miles! This is a woman who is dedicated to the environment. In the last 13 years, the only times she has NOT taken her bike to work, she commuted with a neighbor or took public transportation (like on days with ice or more than 8 inches of snow).

Did I say “dedication.” Yes, this is an excellent example of what true dedication is. And it made me wonder, “who else do I know that is dedicated to something meaningful?”

My friend/brother Jeremy @ www.theartfulfundraiser.com, has dedicated himself to the arts. He engages the leaders of arts organizations to understand how they can keep their doors open by appealing to the hearts and minds of their constituents. He works with leaders to find ways together to engage folks in creating sustainable arts programs.

Best friend to many, Susan is dedicated to all of her friends. What do you need? She’ll help you. While she is especially good at helping design your kitchen, she’s open to helping you with your mulch, your wardrobe, your latest work or love-life drama, or even helping you pick out the perfect diamond for the girl of your dreams. She’s all-in to do all of those “true-friend” things you can think of.

Belinda in D.C. wants to transform the way that women give birth in the U.S. and will be a first-class midwife once she transitions out of her government job in H.R.

Mike, Deb, Troy and Vicki are dedicated to helping others see the impact they can have on how we treat and envision the aging among us.

Tom, Dan, Amy, Tracy, Evans, KJ and Brett are each dedicated to helping leaders understand the power they hold, and the potential they have in making our workplaces healthier.

Celina is inspired by the possibilities of restoring Washington waterways.

This all takes me back to a phrase my husband, Dennis, says to me each time I work with a new group of leaders: “Use your powers for good.” I always smile when he says or texts it to me. But it has a deeper meaning to me as well. There are lots of ways every day that we are not so kind; not so giving; not so hopeful; not uplifting or uplifted. And some people, I would swear, dedicate themselves to that dark side of things.

So, this is my heartfelt appreciation for those who are making the world a better place. Who are dedicating themselves to work that matters and who are making a real difference in the lives of others. Thank you for being you! “Use your powers for good.”

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